With Bing Pages, Brands Can Manage Their Profiles on Microsoft Products, Including Bing Search

Microsoft launched Bing Pages, a new product intended to allow companies and individuals to manage their brand image on Bing and Outlook. The program, first reported by MSPoweruser, is currently in beta. An example of a Bing page. Source: Bing.

Why We Care

Bing pages display search results similar to a panel of knowledge in Bing and provide brands with an additional way to manage their online presence. They can use it to aggregate their links to social networks, publish their contact details and personalize their Outlook profiles with images and content. "[Bing Page owners] may also promote social media posts in relevant search results – at no cost", the FAQ reads. Search Engine Land contacted Microsoft for more details.

Bing Pages has a relatively simple and unlimited registration process. This can help increase adoption among small brands and small businesses.

Learn more about Bing Pages

  • Microsoft uses an email address and Twitter to authenticate accounts. The submitted requests are reviewed by Microsoft. Once verified, the claimant's social media accounts and official website are used to populate their Bing page (as shown in the screenshot above).
  • The registration page is open to everyone.

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