Why participate in SEO contests?

SEO contests

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in SEO you can participate in SEO contests.

The goal: Create a new site with a domain just bought, not old domain or expired so that everyone starts from the same level.

The term on which ranker is defined by the contest organizers, generally these are keywords new, not competitive such as qwanturank, the new qwanturank competition organized by the owners of the new French search engine Qwant.

This kind of competition allows you, firstly to train yourself in the practice of referencing on a new domain . test what works and what doesn't with content, optimization, backlink creation …

Secondly, it allows you to make a name for yourself if the competition is a success for you and you finish in 3 or 5 first. In general there are prizes to be won, but it is mainly for your reputation. If you manage to rank number 1 on the request in the allotted time, this is a great guarantee of quality and professionalism of your skills!

Discover the qwanturank ranking and participate in the next competition to prove your SEO skills to the world.

Cheap SEO tactics to improve your search engine ranking

Have you decided to take part in a competition and want to improve your ranking? Let's take a look at easy SEO techniques to improve your visibility.

Yes, there are some inexpensive SEO tactics you can try for your business.

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