Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Model # 1: The Explanatory Video

The Explanatory Video Looks Like …

This is a video that shows someone how to do something, like making a cake or making a push-up. 19659003] For many companies, practical videos will be your daily bread. In fact, the explanatory videos are like a video version of the content of a blog. They are not designed to convert people at that time.

But the explanatory videos ARE great for making your brand known to potential customers. So, with product demonstrations, I recommend you use them in your video marketing.

Here is the model:

  Model: The Demonstration Video

Let's Decompose Each Element

Intro = Video Preview

The main purpose of your survey is to let the viewer know that it is in the right place

In other words:

No need to tell people why your subject is important. If they arrive on your video, they already know that it is important.

This is an error that I often made with my first videos.

Instead of jumping directly into the content, I would rather

Alert spoiler: people hated these intros.

(not to mention the fact that, here again, I really needed a haircut)

Today, my intros are short, enjoyable and accurate.

Which greatly improved my average Public Retention .

  Improved my average public retention

Steps or Tips

Now is the time to feed your content.

Depending on your video, you may describe a series of steps. Or give people a list of tips.

For example, this video from my channel lists a series of nine traffic strategies.

On the other hand, this video describes a specific process, step by step. [19659025] If you look at these videos, you will notice that the structure is basically the same.

The only difference is that the steps are in a particular order. Although the strategies can be in any order.

That said, there is a BIG thing to keep in mind with this section of your video:

Get things done. [19659003] In other words: it is not necessary to cover everything there is to know about a step or a council. Yes, you must cover each step thoroughly. But as soon as you've covered the basics – boom! – it's time to move on to the next step.


Well, it's no secret that people have an extremely short attention span. And if you continue over and over again on the same subject, you will lose them.

For example, I spent 2-3 minutes on a single step or a board

And people REALLY bored. 19659003] Today, I spend about 30-60 seconds by the tip. And then go directly to the next thing I want to cover.

So, the content of my video moves quickly … which allows people to stay engaged.


Now that you

Well, I do not recommend you end your video from nowhere.

Instead, you want to quickly cover three main elements of your video conclusion:

  • A quick recap
  • Examples
  • The following steps

For example, in this video, I summarize the elements with:

  Quick Video Summary

Note that I do not repeat the same tips they have heard of.

Instead, I quickly describe what they have learned … and start making the transition to the end of the video. 19659003] And if you have any other examples of how this process helped you, customer or friend, mention them here. You've probably already mentioned a few examples in the steps section of your video. But do not hesitate to add another here.

This latter example gives people the motivation to follow through on what they have come to learn.

Finally, inform users of the next steps.

If they are viewing your YouTube video, this could be to subscribe to your channel.

If you host your video on your own website, you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Be that as it may, be sure to close your video with your video. a clear set of next steps.

Here is an example:

  End of the video - Next Steps

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