The best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020

If you run a site WordPress (or any other site for that matter) which is not compatible with the referencing you certainly miss many opportunities of traffic and conversions. Organic search traffic was identified by marketers as the key metric to define content success in 2020 (76%). The SEO was also underlined by the majority (67%) as the best way to improve the performance of the content, based on statistics from the most recent survey SEMrush Content Marketing .

But how do you make sure that your WordPress site is optimized for search engines especially if you are a new to SEO ? On the WordPress plugin directory, you can find a range of SEO plugins to help you take your site to the next level, regardless of SEO capacity.

We are focused on the best plugins that SEOs use on WordPress. In this guide, we'll detail the advice and insight from our special guest, Jono Alderson and from our community of SEO specialists.

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are tools that can be added to your WordPress site to improve its overall appearance, functionality and efficiency. It is possible to have more than one installed and they can help dramatically improve the user experience on your site if used correctly. Even better, you can use these plugins on your site without needing to know any coding.

With more than 55,000 WordPress plugins available on the official WordPress repository, the quality of each plugin can vary. Some could slow down your site; others may not be suitable for your website depending on your individual preferences.

Additionally, not all WordPress plugins are free, some being premium products that you pay for, available from third-party companies and developers . Many of them are freemium, which means they are free WordPress plugins with a paid option for users to access additional features.

How to install an SEO plugin in WordPress

Let's take a look at three different ways to install WordPress SEO plugins. These are:

  • Installation via the WP dashboard.
  • Installation via Plug Upload admin for plugins not appearing in the directory list.
  • Manual installation via FTP.

Pro tip : problems can always occur when downloading plugins from a WordPress site. Make sure you have a backup of your site before downloading and before activation in case something goes wrong and you need to recover your site quickly.

If you have a development server configured for As your site tests the changes, you can always download active and active plug-ins there first to make sure that there are no problems with your site or with the speed of your site.

Installing a WordPress plugin via the dashboard

To install an SEO plugin for WordPress, this can be the easiest method:

1. Go to the "Plugins" section of your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click on “Add a new one.”

3. Find the WordPress plugin you want to install. As you can see in the excerpt below, we have searched for SEO plugins, and this gives you a number of options that you can choose from: featured, popular and recommended plugins too

4. Click on the chosen plugin and select “Install now.”

4. Select “Activate.”

6. Your plugin is now ready to use.

Installing a WordPress plugin by downloading WordPress administration plugins

It is not possible to install paid plugins using the above method because they do not appear in the list of WordPress plugins directory. This installation process is as follows:

1. Download the plugin you have chosen (which will be a zip file).

2. Then go to WordPress and select “Plugins.”

3. Click on the "Download plugin" box at the top of the page; this will take you to the download form.

4. On the Upload Plugin form, click on the “Choose File” button and select the plugin file you previously downloaded.

5. Click the “Install Now” button

6. Once the installation process is complete, select the "Activate plugin" link

7. Once activated, you may need to configure the plugin settings

Manual installation of a WordPress plugin via FTP

You will need to install a WordPress plugin manually via FTP if your WordPress hosting provider has file restrictions ; this can make it difficult to install a plugin via the dashboard.

  1. Download the plugin source file (a zip file).
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. The extraction of the zip file creates a new folder, which must be downloaded manually using an FTP client.
  4. Open the FTP client and connect your site via the connection information provided to you by your host.
  5. Once connected, go to the / wp-content / plugins / folder on your site
  6. Download the folder that was extracted from the zip file in the / wp-content / plugins / folder of your web server.
  7. Once downloaded, visit your WordPress dashboard and click on the “Plugins” section.
  8. If the plugin is successfully installed, it will appear on the Plugins page.
  9. Click on the “Activate” link .
  10. Once activated, you may need to configure the plugin settings.

The best SEO plugins for WordPress

Wondering which SEO plugin is best for WordPress? There are many excellent WordPress SEO plugins available, and the one you choose should depend on your individual WordPress needs. But it's important to know that not all SEO tools are created equal; some are definitely better than others.

We know the choice is not easy, so we asked our SEMrushchat community for their favorites and broke all of the plugins below. Due to the number of plugins offered, we have divided them into categories: free, technical management, paid and images.

Free WordPress SEO Plugins

This list will include plugins which have a free and paid version.

WordPress SEO by Yoast (free / paid from $ 89)

The WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast is often recommended because it offers you a wide range of features, in particular:

  • Ways to add unique SEO title tags and meta descriptions to each post and page on your site
  • Useful page analysis functions.
  • Automatic creation of XML sitemap.
  • Excellent redirection functionality.
  • Seamlessly connects your site to Google Search Console.

SEO Editorial Assistant SEMrush (free)

One of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress is our SEO writing assistant, providing instant SEO recommendations to optimize content based on the qualities of the first 10 Google ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location. It also offers:

  • A readability score and recommendations for improvement.
  • Target the keywords and recommended keywords. A voice score tone to ensure that the writing is compatible with the desired level of formality.
  • Plagiarism helps to ensure that the author has submitted original content.
  • Link recommendations to check your links for possible errors and problems.

Google XML Sitemaps (free)

This is a free and practical WordPress auto plugin created to generate a sitemap for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. An XML sitemap will help search engines to see the areas you want to index and help them crawl those areas of your website. It is considered one of the best SEO plugins for the following reasons:

  • It automatically updates the sitemap every time you publish new content.
  • It is easy to understand and use.
  • Once installed and the settings adjusted, you won't have to do anything else.

SEO Ultimate (free / paid from $ 49)

This fantastic all-in-one SEO plugin is known for its data flexibility, and other notable features of SEO Ultimate include that it:

  • Can automatically configure keywords.
  • Generates internal links on your site.
  • Automatically creates an open graphic for publications and pages.
  • Has a file editor which means that you can edit robots.txt in the dashboard.

Squirrly SEO (free / paid from $ 29.99)

SEO Squirrly was designed for SEO beginners, making it one of the best SEO plugins online for WordPress if you want to create a successful SEO strategy. There is also a Squirrly SEO Premium WordPress plugin with additional functionality for more advanced users.

  • Ability to optimize site content using the Live wizard.
  • Easy method to navigate through Google's ranking factors.

Math Ranking (free)

Rank Math helps WordPress users to efficiently optimize their sites for search engines and social networks. It is widely regarded as one of the best SEO plugins available.

  • Wizard very easy to follow, install and configure.
  • Integration of Google Schema markup included (support for 13+ types). [19659017] Unlimited keyword optimization option.
  • Save time by integrating Google Search Console.

SEO framework (free)

The SEO repository is a plugin that optimizes your site by following the SEO white hat guidelines, as well as by adhering to those implemented by WordPress and search engines.

  • Very organized on the presentation pages of publications thanks to color-coded directives. [19659017] Can generate critical SEO meta tags in any language, which saves a lot of time.

Google Analytics Dashboard plugin (free / paid from $ 199)

This plugin SEO for r WordPress is highly appreciated thanks to its ease of use by allowing users to transparently check their Google Analytics on WordPress.

  • The Word Analytics plugin for Google Analytics can be viewed from the WordPress dashboard. [19659017] Provides tracking of links (outgoing and internal).
  • Easy monitoring of traffic and user engagement.
  • Interest reports and access to demographic data.

All-in-one diagram extracts [19659003] (free)

This is one of the most popular schema markup plugins available for WordPress. Rich extracts are an important part of SEO, providing a more interactive summary of your publication or page in search engine results. This has been shown to have a positive impact on organic click-through rates.

  • Easy to implement a range of schema types, including products, article, recipes, events and review.
  • Especially useful for ecommerce sites.

Broken Link Checker by ManageWP (free)

The Broken Link Checker plugin is one of the best SEO plugins on WordPress because it helps manage broken links or missing images on your site. Many broken links or missing images may indicate that your website is of poor quality for the search engines, which has an impact on your ranking. This WordPress SEO checker plugin has a number of interesting features:

  • Warns you when your WordPress site has broken links or missing images.
  • The plugin recognizes all the links that don't work.
  • Can prevent search engines follow broken links.

All in one SEO pack (free / paid from $ 79)

The All In One SEO plugin for WordPress is known to be easy to use while by providing users with a wide range of tools to help boost their website. The main features of this WordPress plugin include:

  • Easy integration with WooCommerce.
  • Can effectively add SEO title and meta descriptions, open graphics tags.
  • Generate XML sitemaps and images .
  • Allows you to control access to different parameters via a functionality manager.

SEOPress (free / paid from $ 39)

SEOPress is a popular WordPress plugin but simple among users thanks to:

  • Being a low cost but high quality SEO plugin with a full set of features.
  • A powerful all-in-one plugin allows you to quickly optimize your entire WordPress site (meta descriptions, sitemaps, broken link checker, etc.).
  • Good for beginners and more advanced users thanks to easy configuration and the option of advanced commands [19659136] Free WordPress Site Management Plugins

    There are several technical issues that affect SEO, and there are plugins that can help you. Here are some recommendations from our community.

    W3 Total Cache (free)

    This free WordPress SEO plugin checks the speed of your WordPress site and is often touted as one of the best WordPress cache plugins available . Site speed is extremely important for SEO, with Google saying it plays a key role in ranking. The main advantages of this plugin include:

    • The possibility of considerably improving the overall performance of the site when it is fully configured in WordPress.
    • Reduces page loading time.
    • Improved conversion and site performance.
    • Up to 80% bandwidth savings.

    Redirection (free)

    Redirection is a redirection manager plugin that helps you easily stay on top of 301 redirects and other loose ends on WordPress. The plugin will help minimize errors and improve site ranking and is often considered the best WordPress redirect plugin because:

    • It's simple to track 404 errors and implement 301 redirects.
    • Takes supports 4XX status codes.
    • Supports other direct 3XX types.

    Yet another plugin from YARPP related publications (free)

    What Makes this awesome plugin? The YARPP plugin displays personalized publications, pages and publication types to users while a user is viewing a page. The idea is to keep readers on your site for as long as possible, with low bounce rates that boost SEO. This plugin will help you:

    • The ability to control how the display results appear via a system of models.
    • The choice between the thumbnail view or the list of associated content.
    • A customizable algorithm which means you can make sure your best posts are posted.

    Rel No Check Case (free)

    This lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress is useful for those with affiliate links on their site, because Rel NoFollow Checkbox creates a check box when adding links in WordPress. In turn, this plugin helps with your ranking.

    • No need to use a code editor to add "nofollow" links.
    • Easy to install and use.

    All-in-one WP Security & Firewall (free)

    This is one of the main WordPress security plugins because it provides advanced security to your site, ensuring that your user experience is protected. Your ranking may be negatively impacted if this is not the case. It is highly recommended thanks to:

    • The security point score function shows you how secure your site is.
    • The full plugin can identify if there are vulnerabilities on your WordPress site. [19659017] Stop enumerating users, which means that robots and users cannot discover your personal information via permanent author links.

    Paid WordPress SEO plugins

    WPML (paid from $ 29)

    If your website must be in several different languages, you should check WPML. It is an excellent multilingual plugin on WordPress with a number of advantages:

    • Allows you to fully optimize the site for referencing in several languages.
    • Can define SEO meta-information for translations. [
    • Sitemaps pass Google Webmaster validation and include the correct pages.
    • Drive good traffic in the correct languages.

    Premium SEO Pack (paid from $ 44)

    Ce WordPress SEO optimization plugin comes with a range of SEO features for WordPress users, including SERP tracking and image optimization. The main advantages of this plugin are:

    • Preview the page speed of each publication or page for computer and mobile.
    • Can easily monitor 404 pages.
    • Automatically updates all images with alt attributes and appropriate title.

    SEOPressor (paid from $ 9)

    SEOPressor stands out as a plugin because it was developed in accordance with the latest trends in Google algorithms, unlike many competitors. It is very popular thanks to:

    • Useful over-optimization function: the plugin monitors if you “over-optimize” your site, which can lead to penalties for Google.
    • Allows you to control the way in which the robots of the search engines are browsing your site.
    • Can add links and keywords automatically to reduce bounce rate.

    WordLift (paid from $ 59)

    This super smart WordPress SEO plugin uses 'AI to help users increase their audience through more advanced SEO. The plugin has excellent general functionalities, in particular:

    • Automation of structured data markup thanks to natural language processing and knowledge graphics.
    • WordPress SEO plugin for Google Analytics integration.
    • Monitoring content performance and offers an optimization strategy using WooRank technology.

    WPtouch Mobile Plugin (free / paid from $ 79)

    This WordPress plugin helps make your site user-friendly mobile in just a few steps. Don't underestimate the importance of a mobile-friendly site – don't get in the way of your search engine ranking.

    • This simple plugin allows you to customize the mobile appearance of your WordPress site. [19659017] Simple but sophisticated mobile theme version created instantly for mobile visitors to your site.
    • The mobile site passes the Google Mobile test.

    WordPress SEO plugins for images

    ShortPixel Image Optimize (100 free credits per month / $ 4.99 paid for 5,000 image credits)

    This useful image optimization plugin improves website performance by reducing image size, which has a impact on your ranking in the SERP. Our SEO community likes it because:

    • It compresses images and stores your original images in a separate folder.
    • It allows you to compare the original file with the compressed version to see the difference in quality. [[email protected]PixelandEwwwImageOptimizeraretheonesyoushouldchoose
      These plugins will not only compress your images during upload, but will also make sure you don't not lose quality.