SMX Overtime: management of profiles, reviews and more from Google My Business

As a SMX East speaker for the "Google My Business from A to Z" session in New York, I wanted to answer a few questions from the participants after the event. Here are some of my thoughts on optimizing profiles on GMB, managing revisions, and managing localization issues.

Do you have any recommendations for ensuring precise pin locations? Google often changes them at random and also accepts changes to outsourced information that is not accurate, without any push notifications to the owner of the location that something has changed. It can certainly be frustrating. Besides manual checking and moving the spindle back and forth, I highly recommend checking the function Chronology . This is where Google shows you which locations you have visited and when, and making sure that the people working on the location advertise themselves as visiting the location can help give information really concrete user to Google.

If you are making efforts to make optimizations to GMB profiles, how would you recommend tracking and reporting whether the changes were effective or not?

First, I would make sure to test a hypothesis. If you do optimizations without thinking about what it may have, your optimizations are less likely to generate value for the business. After that, everything is contextual. Did you think it would increase GMB profile phone calls? Report on this! Better ranking in local packs?

Do you go all in when GMB releases new features or do you wait? Do you test it on yourself before a customer?

I will never come back to “all in” on a GMB functionality. I once advised a Fortune 500 to participate in GMB chat (since there was a provider that supported pre-sale chat for their website). It was an incredibly successful launch. Next, Google advised against the SMS chat platform used by its provider and did not include them in the beta version of the new chat product. If we couldn't get them in the beta, our client would probably have lost their job. In my humble opinion, it is never worth betting on their new features.

To rank higher in Google Maps, what is the most important objective – publications, photos, videos, reviews, etc.?

Making sure you have an authoritative and relevant website –

How to remove ads (like Groupon) from GMB profiles?

You can't!

We have over 40 locations and use a very similar bio / commercial description for each and just change the name of the location. Is it bad for GMB ads?

If you talk about the description on the GMB profile itself, this has no impact on SEO. If you are talking about copying on your site pages on your domain, I would make sure that these pages are unique for each site. What is the best way to ask your customers for opinions? The most important thing is just to do it. Other than that, I would be looking for a revision management platform, as it is essentially a process that requires the right workflow and the right tools. If you're just looking for tactics on your requests, here is a good article from GatherUp.

When you say get links, do you mean to get links directly to the Google GMB URL? Or to the website page for the location?

I mean the website page for the location. Many people have tested linking to a GMB "profile" (including me) and I have yet to see results that would convince me that it is worth it. Linking to your domain and location pages is probably the most critical competitive differentiator you can do. How do you better control the language of the gray service area in the knowledge panel? The only way to have control of your service area these days is via the postal codes served. It & # 39; sa very imperfect solution.

Don't you like BBB links because they are nofollow or for some other reason? I just don't think they are relevant at all, both in terms of the value of the link or the BBB as a larger organization.

Does the landing page location diagram help better in the rankings?

I am very skeptical that tagging local businesses on a landing page will help it rank better. However, this can help Google understand hyper complex local relationships (like hospitals, universities, etc.) that can lead to the specific part of a business, like emergency or law school, for queries. more granular. Any suggestions or best practices for implementing an operational process to obtain customer / patient feedback (we are a healthcare provider)? There is no quick advice to help you here. If you want to implement a meaningful review system as a business operation, you will likely need to find both a review system that you like and a consultant to implement it to make sure you do. get the desired value. Local links better than general links? Honestly, I don't know why people keep making this distinction. Just worry about getting an abundance of good quality links. If you can develop your own link building program, you will be 90% ahead of SEO / agencies. We activated the new username functionality for a location and our GMB list immediately dropped in the rankings. We removed it. Do you know more about this feature? If you are referring to short names, I have not let any of our clients adopt it. I am always very hostile to their use. There has been a lot of gossip about the fact that short names were part of the huge eruption of pendant lights a few months ago. More importantly, what do you hope to gain from it?

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