Microsoft Advertising talks about intelligence, user interface updates, and audience solutions in the SMX keynote

NEW YORK – Brands seeking to compete in the current market, it is essential to find ways to build relationships with audiences. Christi Olson responsible for evangelism at Microsoft Advertising and Bing, said Wednesday that Christie Olson at a plenary lecture at SMX West on Wednesday

. "Consumers want brands to help them by anticipating their needs and making their shopping experience frictionless," Olson said. "Our goal [Microsoft’s] is to help retailers become more competitive and deliver a more engaging customer experience that generates new revenue and drives future growth," she added.

Due to the increasing complexity of the consumer's digital footprint, advertisers need to understand the advanced technologies and innovations that promote meaningful brand engagement.

Creating Value with Artificial Intelligence

According to Olson, Microsoft Advertising is preparing to create better experiences for customers using artificial intelligence and machine learning. An example, an application called Seeing AI, has helped more than a million visually impaired people perform tasks such as reading a menu in a restaurant or counting money to make a purchase.

Microsoft AI has also added value to organizations, explained Olson. such as helping to quickly identify and resolve remote equipment issues, or help human resource teams recruit the best candidates.

Looking to the future, it is clear that Microsoft has set itself the goal of developing more advanced solutions that connect the customer journey through intelligent learning.

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"Creating better experiences for your clients, your interlocutors is not about advertising at machines. At a time when automation is advancing, creativity remains the key differentiator of greater value than ever before in the history of humanity, "Olson said.

To help companies quickly and easily adopt AI-based features, Microsoft strives to provide information to products and services that consumers already use daily. Olson said Microsoft will launch a new class of Dynamics 365 AI solutions specifically designed to deliver turnkey information from unified data. This data can then be integrated with advanced intelligence to support integrated sales, customer service and marketing efforts.

Scaling Customization

User devices provide context. And the context helps marketers better understand what matters to a consumer in a given place and time. The right message at the right time is the next level of customer service and can turn intention into action.

The context also allows retailers to more accurately anticipate what a customer might need, depending on the time, place and mode of arrival. brand website. Consumers are always looking for information on products, offers, local availabilities and online discounts, explained Olson. Retailers who make no effort to provide the right personalized information at the right time will lose.

"As we ponder this huge opportunity, Microsoft identifies four key areas of opportunity for retail," she said. These include:

Know your customer. Deliver unforgettable customer experiences that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Give your employees power. Provide your team with the tools they need for exceptional customer service.

Create a smart supply chain. Improve your agility to reduce costs and generate customer satisfaction.

Re-imagine your business . Stand out in today's competitive retail environment by reinventing your business model, starting with customers and working backwards.

The Union of the Internet and the Intranet

One of the biggest challenges facing internal organizations is the inability to locate quickly and with Precision business information via intranet networks. Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced the new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing for Business.

Olson said Microsoft's ambition was for Bing and Edge to offer the best search and browser experiences to businesses and consumers. With enhanced features such as deep intranet integration, improved people search, and features that support internal resources, Microsoft is committed to helping employees be more efficient and productive.

Olson announced that Microsoft would introduce more features aimed at the general public in the spring of 2020.

The Revised User Interface of Microsoft

In October, Microsoft Advertising unveiled the refresh interface of The interface of the platform designed to better align with the Google Ads update was fully deployed a year ago.

The new user interface, Olson says, makes it easier for advertisers to manage their campaigns with the following enhancements:

Improved usability and navigation . The new online navigation includes more intuitive features for greater integration with Google Ads, allowing advertisers to gain more campaign management time. Advertisers can use the new global menu to switch accounts, quickly access tools and settings such as ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking, Google Import, and more.

Improved organization of features . The new vertical page menu includes ads and extensions, audiences, experiences and other features to provide easier access to advertisers. As advertisers navigate the campaigns, the page menus adapt to display only the pages and data applicable to each campaign.

Modern appearance . The new online experience is now more up-to-date and consistent with other Microsoft products.

Smart Audience Solutions

Currently, Microsoft Advertising offers intelligent audience solutions designed to help advertisers reach a target audience with a personalized advertising experience right. time.

These solutions include AI-based targeting features, such as location, devices, target market audiences, Google Import, campaign-level associations, and more. Microsoft currently controls LinkedIn profile targeting, product audiences, similar audiences, and customer matches.

Finally, according to Olson, Microsoft plans to deploy client combinations with the "or" and "and" logic.

In Search of New Solutions for Retail

"For retailers to be able to create great experiences on their website, research is essential," Olson said.

With Intelligent Search, Microsoft aims to get advertisers to better understand customer intentions through scale. , intelligence and AI. To do this, Olson highlighted the Bing Index that retailers can incorporate into their sites to increase their visibility. Bing technology can help marketers understand consumer behavior and trends while exploiting machine learning and AI to automatically optimize conversion actions.

As part of Microsoft's vision to offer more search solutions to retailers, Intelligent Search will provide custom product recommendations using deep learning algorithms. Experiments and custom rankings will help companies achieve their goals and increase consumer satisfaction. In addition, advertisers will have a better ability to analyze the transactional, behavioral and demographic data of the sites.

Microsoft marketing solution for vendors, which allows retailers to generate high margin advertising revenue with their own advertising experiences, will fully integrate with Microsoft's advertising platform. Currently a private preview, the ImproveIQ network will allow retailers to increase their advertising revenue by further integrating with the Microsoft Advertising platform and sales teams, providing access to new channels to maximize value. .

behind us, and our new reality – even if it can sometimes seem daunting – is
marketing in the digital age. An area in which marketers simply can not find success
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customers through unique and traditional channels. Instead, brands must engage
with them on new and significant levels, wherever they are.

As Olson stated during his session, Microsoft's goal is "to help re-imagine how [advertisers] serve customers and grow your business, deliver more engaging customer experiences that generate new revenue and fuel future growth. "

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