Microsoft Advertising says it retains its average position reports

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) added impression sharing metrics based on the position that Google introduced last fall. But, unlike Google, the average position report will remain unchanged.

Added visibility measures. Now known as metrics of notoriety, rather than shares of votes in Microsoft Advertising, the six new statistics are available at the level of campaign keywords, group and .

  • Top impression share
  • Top impression lost in the rank
  • Top impression lost in the budget
  • Absolute top impression part
  • Absolute top impression part lost in rank
  • Absolute top impression part lost at budget
The new metric columns of importance are available now. Image: Microsoft Advertising.

Deletion of others. Say goodbye to other indicators of competitiveness : loss of impression related to the offer, relevance and expected CTR

Average position. Microsoft Adverting has confirmed that it retains the average position reports.

"A key measure that will remain in your report is the average position because we have heard ongoing comments indicating that this information is still very low. precious to you, "said Nahva Tecklu, head of the Microsoft Advertising Program, in the blog post .

Why We Should Care … Google announced in February that he would take his middle position retired later this year.The news fell a few months after introduced position metrics Microsoft Advertising added this week.

Google's reasoning on the removal of the average position is that it's no longer a great indicator of the actual location of your ads since the first position can actually be at the bottom of the page on some Microsoft refuses this decision, but we'll see how long it will stay if advertisers feel comfortable not to have it in their Google Ads ads.

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