Making the most of a limited YouTube creation during the holiday season

Black Friday will be here in a few days and you can use an extra budget to increase awareness of YouTube ads. The problem is that you do not have enough time to create new vacation creations on time. Not ideal, but it's not the end of the world. If you are stuck with a limited creation or if you have to use the same videos as last year, I will show you some ways to shoot more orange before throwing it away. Let's go.

Even if your creation is limited, test different targets

I've had a lot of ecommerce customers that offer seasonal products. One tactic I like to try is site research. If Site Search is set up in Google Analytics, you'll see the search queries that users were typing when they visited your site. As a marketing manager, I enjoy coming back to what was popular during the holiday season of the previous year. As in this example:

During last year's holiday season, we see flavors that are probably not made or that are not popular at other times of the year. And these seasonal products were the most sought after. If there are any products that this company plans to sell again this year, I will think about creating custom intent audiences based on those search queries on the site in order to Try to publicize users who are looking for these products again in the new season. (Yes, I understand that some site research is very broad, so instead of just "peppermint", I will try "peppermint coffee pod" instead.)

Do not forget that for YouTube, custom intent audiences are wide-based matches the variations of the actual search queries that people have entered on Since custom intent audiences have not yet been merged with custom affinity audiences, as we had announced at the last Google Marketing Live, you can try to capitalize on the customizable audience. Higher keyword intentions with your video campaigns one last time.

Another solution is to: Create personalized intent audiences using keywords from the top selling products of the previous year (again, if they are also apply to this year). Go to the Conversions tab and review your e-commerce overview during your main holiday season. Take the product names (sorry, clear the mine) and create audiences from these products, as well as similar products that users may want to buy during this time of year.

Refresh Your Product Selections for TrueView for Shopping

Of course, you want to promote your products. TrueView for Shopping campaigns are a great way for YouTube marketers to promote their products and possibly drive traffic to specific product pages. Last year, I wrote an article on creating campaigns Evergreen TrueView for Shopping and the theory still applies to the holiday season. One of the options we have for selecting products from our TrueView for Shopping campaigns is to use custom labels from our Merchant Center feeds.

Just as we can review holiday season data to find new targeting options, we can use this data to update it. our labels for product selections. Whether you want to use your main feeds or an extra feed, keeping your custom labels up to date for the holiday season can help you promote the right products at the right time. Even if you do not have new video creatives to use, at least the products that will appear next to your TrueView in-stream ads will be different and relevant to your vacation goals.

Test Your Incentives for Action

At the same time last year, we were still using call-to-action overlays on our ads TrueView in-stream to drive traffic to the site. These times are over and we must now use the call-to-action extensions. Whatever creative you use this year, test different call-to-action extensions to drive more traffic to your website.

Your video creation might be the same, but try different titles and incentives. action messages for higher CTRs. Do not forget that even if the user ignores your ad and displays the viewing page that they originally intended, your call-to-action extensions will be always visible on the page. Make your holiday messages, your offers, your sales, etc. Attractive enough to get more clicks on your YouTube videos, even if your creative is the same.

End Point

I will always recommend getting new creations that speak so precisely. as much as possible to your target audience, the products you offer and the offers you offer during the holiday season. The more you tailor your creation to the feel of the season, the more likely you are to get higher engagement rates in a competitive advertising season. But if you do not want to use new creations, try the tips I've mentioned to maximize your performance with the limited creative you might have.

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