Majestic's improved tool now offers SEO a much more useful context on backlinks

Not all links are created equal. We all know this, but Majestic now provides much more detail on the precise context of the reason and place where the links appear.

Earlier this week, the company announced upgrades allowing SEOs to explore links much more thoroughly. The tool now organizes web pages into 40 segments and provides visibility into where backlinks physically appear on the page, the text around them and the density of internal and external links. This makes it easier to determine the most valuable links and to discover new link building opportunities.

Dashoboard view of the link context of the British Heart Foundation

Source: Majestic

Search / sort / filter. According to Dixon Jones, Majestic's global brand ambassador, these new features allow SEOs to do things like:

  • Find all the backlinks to a domain in which no matter. which keyword is used in the surrounding text.
  • Find "DoFollow". links appearing in the top 20% of a webpage.
  • Look for links closely related to other links that may generate spam.
  • Look for links on high-value pages that do not contain many others. external links.

This tool offers many methods for searching, sorting and filtering data to obtain fairly accurate and esoteric results.

Contextual visualization of links. A particularly noteworthy innovation is Majestic's contextual link chart, which helps visualize all this information and for which he is seeking a patent. As a result, the chart below shows a link analysis of five different site types. The green box indicates where the link appears on the page. The blue bars represent the internal links and the yellow the external links.

Visualizing different types of links on different websites

Source: Majestic

Why we should care. In addition to being a useful audit tool, the improvements made should make it a more useful and effective tool for creating links.

The video below provides an overview and a visual presentation of the Dixon Jones product. There is also a detailed guide (. pdf ) on the new features much more detailed than what I have just described.

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