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Now that the Google base update January 2020 is mainly deployed we have asked several data providers to send us what they found with this Google search update. All data providers agree that this basic update was important and had an impact on a large number of websites. The facts. What we know from Google, as we reported earlier, is that the January 2020 base update started rolling out around 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday, January 13. This deployment was "essentially carried out" Thursday morning, January 16. We also know that this was a global update and that it was not specific to any region, language or category of websites. It is a classic "broad base update". What the tools see. We went to third party data companies to ask them what their data shows on this update.

RankRanger. Mordy Oberstein of RankRanger said, “The YMYL niches (your money, your life) have been hit very hard.” “This is a huge update,” said -he adds. "There is massive movement at the top of the SERP for health and finance niches and incredible increases for all niches when looking at the top 10 results overall."

Here is a graph showing the volatility of the rankings broken down by industry and by position of these rankings: As of December 6, the January 2020 base update was a much broader update across the board and at every ranking position, "added Mordy Oberstein." However, when we look at the 10 Best overall results in the main update, the Retail segment started to separate from the volatility levels seen in December as well. "

SEMRush. Yulia Ibragimova from SEMRush said: "We We can see that the last update from Google was quite large and was noticed in almost every category. ”The most volatile categories according to SEMRush, apart from Sports and News, were Online Communities, Games, Arts and Entertainment and finance. But Yulia Ibragimova added that all categories have undergone major changes and "we can assume that this update was not intended for particular subjects", she told us.

SEMRush offers a lot of data available on its website on here . But they sent us this additional data around this update. Here is the volatility by category by mobile vs desktop search results:

The top ten winners according to SEMRush were, Hadith of the Day, Discogs, ABSFairings, X-Rates, TechCrunch, ShutterStock, 247Patience, GettyImages and The top ten losers were,,, Tuffy, TripSavvy,, NaughtyFind,, RuthChris and

Sistrix. Johannes Beus of Sistrix published their analysis of this main update. He stated that "the areas related to YMYL topics (your money, your life) have been reassessed by the search algorithm and gain or lose visibility as a whole. Areas that have been previously affected by such updates are more likely to be affected again. The absolute fluctuations seem to decrease with each update – Google is now becoming more confident in its assessment and not deviating as much from the previous assessment. "

Here is the Sistrix graph showing the change:

According to Sistrix, the big winners were,, CarGurus,, Fandango, Times Of Israel, and WestField. losers are, Box Office Mojo, SkySports,,, History Extra, Evan Shalshaw and NHS Inform.

SearchMetrics. Marcus Tober, the founder of SearchMetrics told us, "The January base update seems to undo some changes for better or worse depending on who you are. This is another base update where light content has been penalized and where Google has focused on YMYL. The update doesn't seem to affect as many pages as with the update March or September in 2019. But it has similar characteristics. ”

Here are some specific examples are shared by SearchMetrics. First, won in the March 2019 Core update and lost in September 2019 and gained a lot of time again in the January 2020 Core update

While was a loser during several basic updates:, which was up and down during the basic updates, with this update seems to be a big winner with + 83%. but in previous basic updates it was hit hard:

The main winners according to SearchMetrics were,,,,,, bigfishgames , com and health .com. The big losers were,,,,,,, and

What to do if you are affected. Google has given advice on what to consider if you have been affected by a major update in the past. There are no specific actions to take to recover, and in fact, a negative impact on the rankings may not indicate that something is wrong with your pages. However, Google has offered a list of questions to consider if your site is affected by a major update . Why we care. It is often difficult to isolate what you need to do to reverse any algorithmic hits your site may have seen. When it comes to Google’s main updates, it’s even more difficult to do that. So this data and previous experience and advice has shown us that these basic updates are broad, broad and cover many overall quality issues. The above data reinforced this to be true. So if your site has been affected by a main update, it is often recommended to take a step back, have a broader view of your overall website and see what you can do to improve the site. in general.

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