Is CTR a ranking factor in organic results?

What is clickthrough rate?

Before I go any further, let me briefly explain the concept of clickthrough rate (CTR).

Clickthrough rate measures number of people who clicked on a link compared to the total number of people who had the opportunity to do so. So if a link to your website appears as a list on a search engine results page (SERP), and 20% of the people who view that SERP click on your link, your CTR in that case is 20%.

Everyone knows that the classification n ° 1 is much better than the classification n ° 10 . Why? Because of the different click-through rates of each position in the search results. As you can see in the image below, there is a considerable difference in the ranking in the first range of search results compared to the fifth or after.

 Top 10 of Google CTRs

Credit Image: DEJAN Marketing

The image above was created in 2011, so these percentages may not be fully applicable today. However, many studies have sought to measure click-through rates based on search engine rankings over the years, and all have ultimately concluded that higher places in search engine lists are correlated with rates higher clicks.

Why did I choose CTR as the topic of my experience? Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on the CTR – but unfortunately, there are no SEO experiments or case studies showing the influence of the CTR (as a factor of isolated rankings) on rankings in 2015. (I will explain this a little later in the “Methodology” part of the article.)

Let me examine some possible explanations for the popularity of CTR during in the past year.

Click-through rate has become a popular metric

Click-through rate has always been considered an important SEO metric – however, since 2014, it has become very popular due to its placement in Searchmetrics 2014 correlations and SEO ranking factors.

 SearchMetrics 2014 ranking factors

Image source: Searchmetrics

SearchMetrics explicitly stated that their analysis was “used for r describe the differences between certain properties of URLs ranking from position 1 to 30 (without implying a causal relationship between the property and the ranking) ”. In other words, some of the above factors may correlate with high rankings, but they are not necessarily ranking factors.

Since then, click-through rate has often been mentioned in articles by blog, at conferences, or even on whiteboard Fridays as an important ranking factor.

There have been a number of case studies showing that you can also influence your ranking through the artificial increase in CTR . I recently shared a case study on negative SEO with no backlinks in which I managed to lower the ranking of a page on my website using only click bots. One of the most popular case studies was that of Rand Fishkin in which he increased the ranking on a page of his site using externalized clicks.

So improving are referencing with the CTR, Myth or reality?

The video response between minute 31 and 33min10sec

The video is not on the subject, but between minute 31 and 33 we see that they have created a facebook contest. To participate, you must type the keyword in google, click on the site, then visit it.

Following this competition, the next day, Julien announces that the site has gone from position 21 to 15 and that c is the best position that the site has had.

Finally and I quote:

“The CTR necessarily influences SEO”

So we can influence google if we have thousands of people looking for a keyword in google, click on your site and visit it.

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