How to deal with the increase in Facebook CPA

SAN JOSE – With more advertisers and larger budgets flocking to Facebook and Instagram, acquisition costs are rising . Advertisers can leverage their social advertising by rethinking the fundamentals of the campaign.

"You need to make sure that you evolve your available inventory for click-through rates, reflecting your audience and being dynamic," said Madeline Fitzgerald senior director of strategic development for 3Q Digital by sharing tips for lowering CPA on Facebook at SMX West Thursday.

Deconstruct Facebook CPCs

Audience size: the bigger the better. CPCs on Facebook are affected by audience size, account structure and clickthrough rates (CTR). The narrower and smaller your target audience, the more competitive your offer will have to be, said Fitzgerald. The competition in the auction will ultimately have an impact on the CPC result.

"If you notice that your CPCs are really high, one of the first things you need to do is check your audience size. If you see that [it’s] is getting too specific, see s & # 39 ; there are other interests, behaviors, demographics that we can add. "That, she explained, will help widen the target pool and give the Facebook algorithm more options to show your ads.

If you've hit a ceiling, broad targeting might be the next step. "If you already have a mature account, don't go straight there if you're still in the early stages of your testing phases. But if you're trying to reach that higher level, broad targeting is a great way to do it. do it, "explained Fitzgerald.

Account structure and segmentation. The account structure and how we segment our ad units can also determine inventory inventory ads available. Ads can run on a wide range of Facebook properties – from news feed and Messenger to Instagram stories and feeds. When we add segmentations like locations or geographic areas, the pool of Audience is getting smaller and advertisers may miss more efficient inventory.

"The algorithms are smarter than us," she explained. "Let the robots have it on factors like app areils and locations. A few years ago, we laughed at everyone who did this. But we actually see a 13% lower CPA with some of our customers who [no longer segment those].

Segmentation can be useful when you focus on the funnel scene, that is, audience characters, creative and destination pages. But Fitzgerald recommends ignoring demographics, geographies, devices, and locations – all of the factors you can't change after you've set them up. Optimization of the campaign budget. Soon, ad unit budgets will disappear, in favor of campaign budget optimization (CBO), which uses machine learning to automatically deliver ads to the target audience on the basis of a predictive analysis.

"I think the best way to understand how to integrate this into our strategy is to think of the language that Facebook uses to explain to us how the algorithm works. Facebook tells us that CBO is looking at opportunities available – which is a combination of audience size and audience propensity to convert to billable opportunities. "

Facebook's algorithm prioritizes volume rather than volume To conversion potential,
that's why CBO works, she explained. Marketers Can Group Audiences
similar scope or potential size and the budget optimization tool will see more
conversion potential for a wider audience as part of the budget.

Conversions are in creation

Reflect your audience. "As advertisers, it is our duty to help users see each other
and their goals – what they want to accomplish – in our creativity. We need to
make sure that we make it very obvious to them, "said Fitzgerald. An attractive advertising creation must be able to visualize clearly
the value proposition of what is promoted. And it's not just about getting
more users in the door, it's about putting the good users in the door
because they were drawn to your creation. Engage the public with the video. Facebook pushed advertisers
to use animation and video for a while now, but Fitzgerald supports advertisers
still don't do enough.

"Many advertisers take existing creations and put a
zoom in, or shoot a three-minute explanatory video and think it counts as a
a d. But that is not really what we are called as advertisers here, "she said.
"It's up to us to figure out how to take advantage of the movement in a more disruptive way,
and think of new and original ways to talk to people.

Highlight the clear value in the copy. [Effective copy is not to be heavy brand. These are
make users comfortable by clicking on an ad. Fitzgerald explained that advertisers
can create that confidence and comfort by keeping the advertising content directly linked to the value of
what you sell.

"We want to make sure that users don't have to guess to know what's going to happen next," said Fitzgerald. "People don't want to have to go through your entire website to understand why they should engage with your brand."

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