How to create an effective website?

Nowadays, the establishment of a web platform represents a real must for all companies looking for online visibility . How to design such a tool so that it can really play a role of digital showcase? How to transform it into a powerful and effective vector of communication?

Advocating an ergonomic and rewarding architecture

A website is like a digital identity card of a company. It must display a graphic charter which reflects the brand image of the said company as well as the values ‚Äč‚Äčadvocated by it. This implies the presence of the logo and the colors of the structure. The attractiveness and aesthetics of the interface must arouse the curiosity of prospects who land on the platform. This will encourage them to discover the contents of the different pages. The architecture must remain consistent with all the communication tools used.

  • An efficient site must guarantee a good "user experience" for visitors. This implies a quality UX design and an optimized UI design . Prospects must have a real pleasure browsing through articles.
  • A successful internal network encourages Internet users to spend more time on the pages. The presence of call to action buttons is also essential for an efficient conversion funnel.

To obtain a quality showcase or e-commerce platform, a company must develop its website by renowned and experienced professionals.

Take into account natural referencing

The architecture and ergonomics of an efficient internet platform must meet the requirements of search engines. It should charge quickly. The titles of the different pages must be chosen with care and be part of a real SEO strategy . A qualified site developer always takes the trouble to optimize them by finding the right keywords with powerful SEO tools .

Extensive work on SEO natural is also essential for writing content with added value. Some professionals use obfuscation of links SEO to improve the internal mesh of their site. This translates into a better distribution of SEO juice between pages. The effectiveness of a web platform is also assessed by the number of relevant backlinks it has. They must appear on referring domains with high popularity with a fairly high PageRank page rating.

Complying with the requirements of the GDPR

The general data protection regulations impose new constraints on the collection of personal information . In force on May 25, 2018, this text specifies the different principles to be respected and the tools to be provided. An effective site must comply with GDPR requirements to reassure Internet users and inspire confidence in them. Security is also a very important aspect. A qualified developer must take the required certificates. Feeling plays a decisive role in the conversion of prospects. They hasten to flee the platforms at risk. A designer must put in place all the provisions to guarantee internet users an optimized "user experience". This will encourage them to return to the site regularly for research or purchases.

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