How to boost your local SEO without creating new content?

Why is it so important to boost local referral for your business?

30% of google users search for local services at least once a week should give an even clearer picture.

You may be present on the web, but you need to strengthen the local referencing to improve your results. If so, we'll show you how (without writing a single piece of new content).

Use the right keywords to improve your local SEO

Not all keywords are created equal.

On Bing, you need keywords that match exactly to be ranked higher, but on Google, that’s not the case.

If you are a national business, your keywords may focus on more general terms, such as "car insurance for the elderly". However, if you are trying to improve your local SEO, you should refine your keywords by city, for example "car insurance for the elderly in Paris".

It is common for local keywords to be long tail, which is a good thing. This makes filing easier because fewer people use them. If you don't think you can do all of these keyword analyzes alone, you can call on a natural referencing company

How many companies like yours in your city ?

These are your only competitors, against hundreds (if not thousands) when you are tackling competitive keywords

When searching for keywords, keep the following points in spirit:

Relevance for your company and your customers

Competition for the keyword (lower, the better)

Several keywords (one word -key is not enough)

You can use tools such as the tool Keyword Google Planner to build your list.

Boost local SEO by optimizing your website

The next step is to optimize your website using the list of keywords that you have found. If you already have content on your site, just optimize it.

Edit the titles, subtitles and subsections so that they contain local keywords. Be sure to write and optimize the metatags and meta descriptions for each page.

Do it for your blog, as well as your home page and your service or product pages. Just make sure your keywords are relevant to the content, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Rather than boosting local SEO, you will lower your site into serps.

Optimize the loading speed of your pages for better local referencing

Today's consumers are impatient. They are looking for speed. If your site does not accept online payments and does not offer two-day delivery, you risk losing to competitors who do.

And the same goes for the loading speed of your website. Just look at the statistics:

When sites load in less than five seconds, they see sessions grow 70% longer on average. It’s impressive, but if your site’s load time is even 100 milliseconds behind, it can cause conversion rates to drop 7%.