How to Become an SEO Expert: The Definitive Guide

Work on your own website

Here's how I started doing SEO.

And that's how I recommend to most people to reinforce their SEO game.

Here's why:

When you start your own website, you can make FAST changes.

There's no need to ping your boss on Slack to see if it's ok to change a title tag.

19659003] See something that needs to be changed. Changes the. See the results.

The test cycle → learn → improve moves 10x faster with your own property than with the web site of a third party.

Also, when working on your own files, you can see them. the 100+ factors that go into the success of a website (beyond simple SEO). Stuff like design, copywriting list building, social media and outreach.

In other words, managing one's own site helps you become a complete T-shaped marketing agent .

  The Web Marketing Specialist T

For example, Jerryll Noorden applied to SEO what he had learned from his experience as a former NASA scientist.

an extremely profitable real estate business.

  Jerryll Noorden - We Buy Homes in Connecticut - Home Page

This is how Jeryll described this experience that shaped his approach to SEO today

. And Jerryll is not alone. A few years ago Maaike de Boer's daughter struggled with mathematics at school

And when Maaike looked for resources to help her daughter, she found herself empty.

It was then that Maaike decided to embark. a website that now receives 200,000 hits per month.

  Wijzer on Basisschool - Google Analytics

(What is even more impressive if it is considered that Norway has about 17 million inhabitants).

How could Maaike find so good in SEO? She learned as much as possible about SEO (from blogs, online courses and conferences on SEO). Then she applied what she had learned on her website.

And this quick process has made Maaike a novice SEO expert in SEO in record time.

Or as Maaike put it:

That said, managing one 's own website is not the only way to learn SEO. You can also …

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