How I operate TikTok accounts since last summer (My strategy and my goals step by step)

Why bother with TikTok to get traffic?


As we all know Tiktok, this is the new platform everyone is talking about, I still remember it was winter 2018 one of my friends showed me how much he earned on Youtube by republishing TIKTOK compilations (50-70k per month) he also offered to join his Youtube compilation gang Tiktok… but at that time, I was too busy with my main activities, I didn't take it seriously and, like all the other BOOMER, I thought that TIKTOK was a kind of karaoke, a musical application for children that has no meaning…

Summer 2019 I finally decided to learn the art of Tiktok and since then I have been obsessed with it. I have been doing electronic commerce since 2010, sales in affiliation e-commerce, Marketing, referencing … And it's always good not to put all your eggs in one bag and differentiate its sources of traffic so as not to depend solely on Google, but to use social networks. And for the moment the traffic obtained from TikTok is just huge!

How to cultivate and farm TikTok accounts?

So let me share with you guys my strategy on how I cultivate / close TikTok accounts:

1- As we all know, you can have 3 TikTok accounts per device

2- I opened 3 accounts per device

3-each account must be specific to a niche (or at least try ). Travel, Fashion, Sport, Music, Make-up…

4-Example: One of the accounts is in the Travel niche.

5-I went to IG and I looked for travel (after some research, I found this account called TRAVELGRAM.

6- I use a chrome extension called Downloader for Instagram (there are others but I like this one because you can segment the videos by virality)

7- PLEASE organize all your videos by folders even name the videos if possible

8-once I have the IG videos ready, I use an application called INSHOT > inside the application go to> RATIO and select TikTok (you can also play with the background)

9- Save the video as a new video and delete the IG version.

10-Go to Tiktok to post, select the video you just recorded, add some text, select a trend song BUT in the volume area, lower the volume of the trend song to 10-25 and the original audio higher to 75-95 volume.

11- Hashtags are such a topic delicate, as always do not neglect them and use them abundantly!

12- For the most efficient account, I do not use automation for the moment, I comment on ten videos a day, give twenty like and I'm about 25 accounts a day.

13- Repeat

So, as you can see, this is a strategy that takes so long, so I hired some of my little ones cousins, I also hired my younger brother and I even hired my little brother's friends (€ 20 – € 30 per week to host the accounts on their phones. All they need to do is post on Tiktok 2-3 times a day. (To thank them I also offer them TikTok Likes and TikTok Views for their accounts.)

I learned the old way how to find viral content, so once a week he sends the goodies / content to the rest of the gang, he also keeps track of all accounts on a spreadsheet.

One of my goals this year is to grow / develop anywhere 50 to 100 Tiktok accounts to build a super niche of ultra specific network but most importantly, be ready for their advertising platform once they have published it in the United States.

Statistics of my TIKTOK accounts [19659002] What do you think?

Am I the only one who thinks that Tiktok will overwrite IG in the fourth quarter of 2020?

Here are some Accounts Statistics:

At the moment I haven't yet monetization in place, we'll talk about that later, but it may be a link in the bio which sends to a CPA form, or an affiliated offer …

You can also become an influencer and make paid partnerships with brands.

TIKTOK marketing boost

As for all networks, be it instagram, facebook, youtube… You can boost your posts with thousands of likes and views for very little. It is not qualitative but it helps to gain visibility on networks and to be in "featured".

Numbers call numbers. Buying likes you also get more naturally.

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