Google tightens FAQ tagging guidelines and prohibits repeating questions and answers

Google has updated its content guidelines for the FAQ schema which indicate that you can no longer annotate the same question and answer with the FAQ schema if this question and answer can be found on several pages on your site. Google said to just list it on one of these FAQ pages, but no more than one. The new directives. The updated guidelines added this line "If you have FAQ content that is repetitive on your site (which means that the same question and the same answer appear on several pages of your site), mark a only instance of this FAQ for your entire site. "Hat tip to @suzukik for spotting this. Diagram of the FAQ. The FAQ diagram is designed to be added to the FAQ pages which provide a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular subject. Adding this structured data allows Google to display questions and answers directly on Google Search and the Assistant. Here's what it can look like in search results. Why We Care About It. It is important for you to make sure that if you have the same question and the same answer on multiple FAQ pages on one site, you remove the markup from all but one FAQ page for that question. Failure to remove it will violate Google’s new guidelines, which can lead to not all of your pages showing FAQ-rich results in Google search results.

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