Google extends the optimization score to display campaigns

The campaign optimization score displayed by Google Ads for search and purchase campaigns is now available for display campaigns. The scores will be available at the campaign level and a combined score at the account level now includes the search, purchase and display functions. Recommendations adapted to Display campaigns can also be displayed.

Google Ads optimization scores are now available for Display campaigns.

Optimization Score Definition for Google Ads Scores range from 0% to 100% and indicate the expected performance of your campaigns based on a number of factors such as targeting, bid automation, ads and extensions, etc. The score is accompanied by a set of automated recommendations with indicators of the degree of score improvement that you can expect by accepting them.

Why we should care These scores and accompanying recommendations may be helpful, but do not accept recommendations blindly. Examine them carefully and determine if they fit your campaign. And just as importantly, a 100% optimization score without a recommendation does not mean that there are not many options for improvement.

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