Google extends Shopping ads to a larger YouTube inventory

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season, Google increases the visibility of Shopping campaigns on YouTube. Showcase Shopping ads also go to more places and open to more categories. Finally, sitelinks come on TrueView for action announcements, the company announced Tuesday.

New Inventory of Shopping Ads on YouTube. Shopping ads can now appear in the RSS feed and YouTube search results. On the mobile, users will be able to scroll through a carousel of "Suggested Products" that will appear between videos from the homepage or at the top of the search results.

Carousels of ads may appear in YouTube's feed or at the top of YouTube's search results.

Your Shopping campaigns are eligible for this new inventory if you chose YouTube for the Display Network. This will also activate your Shopping campaign in the new Discover relatively inventory. Earlier this year, Google announced that the Showcase Shopping ads would be extended to Discover.

Enable the YouTube and Windows inventory in the campaign settings.

New inventory, categories for Showcase Shopping ads? These ads are now allowed to also appear in Google Images. In addition, Showcase Shopping multi-image ads designed for use in general product categories – primarily for clothing and furniture queries – are expanding into categories such as beauty and electronics. .

Sitelinks for TrueView for Action Announcements . Sitelinks will be available for these ads "in the coming months," which will allow users to access additional landing pages from your video ads. Google indicates that it is currently testing site links with 30 advertisers and that they have seen a 23% increase in the number of conversions after their addition.

Why we should care Google has long supported users showing their intention to shop on YouTube just like they do on Google Search. She first featured the TrueView ads for Shopping and Shopping on YouTube in 2015 . The company says that she saw the time spent watching "holiday shopping" videos on YouTube, for example, grew by more than 4 times. These ads are a further indication of the power of Shopping ads and Google's willingness to continue to search for new locations.

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