Google displays "key moments" functionality on multiple videos in search results

Google's " key moments " feature, also known as "in this video", now appears on multiple videos in mobile search results. Users can now hide and expand functionality. Previously, the feature, which allows users to skip to the "highlights" of a video, only appeared on the first list of videos.

Australian SEO consultant Brodie Clark spotted the change on Tuesday. Wowsers, Key Moments (AKA "in this video") on steroids in this test.

Previously, this functionality only showed in position # 1 in a mobile video carousel. Now triggered in all kinds of areas, but now with the ability to hide / expand the results.

cc YT SEO guru @aleyda

– Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) March 10, 2020

Why we care

Moments Keys distinguish the different sections of a video (for example, an explanatory video with several steps), allowing users to jump to the section they are looking for directly from the search results.

Providing a timeline of your video content can make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for, which can make them more likely to click. It also allows users to ignore sections of your video that are important to your business but not as important to your users, such as a sponsored product mention at the start of your video. Now that key moments appear on multiple video carousels the results, videos that do not rank first can also attract more views. Testing it should be part of your video SEO strategy.

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  • The key moments can be displayed for English videos hosted on YouTube if the creator provides timestamp information in the video description. The functionality is not yet supported outside of YouTube, but Google has created a form to query creators about their interest in supporting it for videos hosted outside of the platform. The characteristic of the key moments was spotted for the first time in September 2019 and was officially announced shortly after.

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