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Yesterday, you (or the children) might have had a surprise if you searched Google for the term [Christmas].

Hide the children. Here is an overview of the NSFW Shopping ads that appeared for the query last night.

Cleaned. Google has since demonetized the page by removing all ads from the match request [christmas]. Now, the knowledge card showing this year's Christmas date and the knowledge pane with additional information appear at the top of the page on the mobile (see below) and at the top right of the page on the desktop . There is now text or Shopping ads on the page, even at the bottom.

Why we care about it Here is an example of how Google is taking steps to control ad serving on search results pages for particular types of queries and when it chooses to demonetize a search result for non-business queries. This will also be the case for events marked with a mark such as the "World Cup" for example.

These advertisers may have targeted this exact match request or have not intended to show the main term. [christmas] at all. Advertisements may have been triggered due to a wide match or similar variants corresponding to . This is also reminiscent of the ad rank thresholds. The ad rank determines whether an ad will show on a search result and, if so, at which position. In 2017, Google updated ad ranking thresholds to take into account the meaning and category of a query. Ad rating thresholds will be higher for non-business information requests than for product queries such as [christmas gift ideas] or even [christmas countdown].

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