Google begins to test Duplex internationally

Google is testing its Duplex technology for the first time internationally, the company announced on Tuesday. This service will serve to confirm the working hours of a New Zealand company's pilot business vacation.

The test. "Companies in this pilot group will receive an automated call from Google asking them to confirm their hours for the next Labor Day holiday on October 28," wrote Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering for Google. "Once confirmed, these times will be automatically updated on Google Maps and will search for anyone looking for commercial information on the holidays."

Google will reveal to business leaders that calls are automated and that companies can choose not to participate. to receive calls from Google by phone or through their Google My Business settings.

Current state of Duplex. Updating vacation work hours on Google Maps and searching is a useful feature for users. However, the possibilities of making appointments for hair and restaurant reservations at several almost conversational stages that Google had teased at I / O in 2018 . Earlier this year, the company also tweeted a preview of how Duplex technology could be applied to car rental reservation .

In the United States, one of these features, automated restaurant reservation reservation has already received a larger version. As part of Google Assistant in Chrome, Duplex is also tested on movie ticket booking sites . However, car rental and haircut schedules have not yet been formally announced.

Why we should care. If this particular test extends to more markets, it could make Google My Business information management a bit more passive for business owners. Google's limited test will likely be used to refine Duplex functionality prior to international deployment.

Duplex powers some features of Google Assistant and, as new Duplex features are developed and released, it can allow the wizard to differentiate itself. other voice assistants, such as Apple's Siri and Amazon Alexa. This may encourage more users to stay in or change the ecosystem of Google, and the more users there are in this ecosystem, the more important it will be for businesses to be present on the Web. Google services.

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