Google accelerates its investment in clothing technology, and enters into a $ 2.1 billion purchase contract for Fitbit

Google parent Alphabet buys fitness follower and smartwatch maker Fitbit as part of a $ 2.1 billion contract. Android Wear devices have not kept pace with the Apple Watch, which dominates the apparel market (with AirPods).

Catching Apple Watch. In its recent publication of the results, Apple announced that its revenues from activities "Apparel, clothing and accessories" reached $ 6.5 billion, against $ 4.2 billion a year ago . And according to estimates from third party analysts, the Apple Watch accounts for about 50% of the global market for wearables / smart watches.

The acquisition of Fitbit by Alphabet is reminiscent of Google's purchase of other computer hardware companies (eg Motorola, HTC) to accelerate innovation and create reference products' more integrated and more efficient than those of its operating license partners.

Like the Pixel Phone for portable devices. According to Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Peripherals and Services, Google will use this acquisition to build new generation wearable devices. He stated in a blog post that the company saw "an opportunity to invest even more in Wear OS as well as introduce wearable devices made by Google to the marketplace. . . . By working closely with the Fitbit expert team and bringing together the best artificial intelligence software and software, we can help stimulate innovation in the field of apparel and apparel. design products that will benefit even more people around the world. "

this acquisition will feature Google Assistant at the front and center." Indeed, we are now entering the era of what is known as "ambient computing," where an emerging range of connected devices take center stage – and replace to some extent smartphones.

The Apple and Airpod watches are the two most remarkable examples of success, but Amazon launched a number of number of new devices without a screen during its last hardware event, including Echo Frames (glasses powered by Alexa) and its very famous Echo Buds headphones (Alexa headphones).

Why we should care. L & # 39; Google assistant is becoming the center of Google's cross-platform user experience and hence the conversational user interface. BERT "The Importance of This Technological hence, it is more clearly seen as a technology / tool essential for understanding an increasing number of commands and queries. And although "voice search" has not yet been in fashion, it's still the main interface that connects the experiences of Google's many connected devices.

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