Fully-Managed, Advanced SEO Service

Get Our Premier, #1 Selling SEO Program HOTH X: Advanced SEO Strategy & Results

What Is HOTH X Managed SEO?

HOTH X is our first ever fully managed SEO service that gets you awesome, targeted traffic – all custom built for you. No management fees, 100% of the spend goes toward your campaign.What is HOTH X

Over the last 7+ years, we’ve analyzed a ton of data to know what works and what doesn’t work in SEO. We’ve worked on over 100k campaigns – and it shows. We took everything we’ve learned and put it into HOTH X. HOTH X is the culmination of all our data, expertise, and experience.

You get a fully managed solution that combines our expertise, a powerful SEO strategy, awesome white hat link building, and premium content all with our best-in-the-business staff & support.

A Powerful SEO Strategy

With HOTH X we put together an advanced SEO strategy to MAXIMIZE your rankings and traffic in a Powerful SEO Strategystrategic way. It involves 2 major components:

1) Maximizing current rankings with our “Easy Wins Method”:
With HOTH X, we identify terms that you’re already ranking for in positions 4-30 and push those terms up with a diversified, safe, white hat link building strategy to get you quick increases in traffic.

2) Advanced Competitive Research:
We use advanced competitive research (Competitive Gap Analysis) to find what you’re missing: High volume, low competition, valuable keywords. Then we build out awesome, well-researched content with our HOTH Blogger service to target these mid-cycle buyer keywords!

By combining both of these strategies we are able to achieve awesome boosts in targeted traffic.

All The Bells & Whistles

We made HOTH X the best possible service for you: It includes all the bells and whistles you’ve been looking for.

Dedicated Campaign Manager: We created a whole new division dedicated to managing your

Complete Managed SEO strategycampaigns. We’re already experts at producing the services, and with X you’ll have a dedicated campaign manager.

HOTH Rank Tracker: Every HOTH X user will get access to our keyword tracker where you can get daily updates of all your keywords to monitor how your campaigns are progressing.

100% Reseller Friendly: We’ve had many clients come to us over the years asking to just give us a budget and let us do the best possible work for them – This is exactly that.

100% Customized Strategy: No cookie-cutter campaigns here. Every single campaign is researched, planned, and customized for you, your goals, and your website.

How It Works

Step 1

Just give us a few details about your website, your products, and your competition. If you don’t know, that’s totally fine too – we’ll walk you through it and figure it out for you.

Step 2
Campaign Design

We’ll investigate your site, your competition, and determine the best strategy for you. We’ll take a look at easy-win keywords and find the gaps in your content.

Step 3
Program Onboarding

After research, your campaign manager will schedule an onboarding call to review the campaign and answer questions. Once you approve the order, we begin working!

Step 4
Campaign Production

Once approved, the fulfillment process typically takes 30 days to be completed. If you would like to be hands off, we can auto approve your orders ten days after submission.

Step 5
Results Tracking

We get it, tracking SEO results takes time and patience. That’s why we also give you access to our live 24/7 rank tracking software to check your current keyword rankings and progression.

Step 6
Reporting & Follow Up

Each month you’ll receive reports of everything we’ve done, 100% transparent. You’ll have the opportunity to book a call to review your progress with your campaign manager every month!