Facebook opens search ads to all advertisers

After almost a year of testing ads in the search results of the news feed and the marketplace, Facebook is deploying ad positioning in searches in a broader way for all advertisers. Ads will appear in the results for commercially-oriented search terms, such as searches for e-commerce, retail, or automated vertical search products. Currently, placement of search ads is available on mobile only.

"Testing shows that advertisers and users are finding value in search results, so we're deploying them more widely," said Nipoon Malhatra, director of product management on Facebook.

For ads to appear in search results, advertisers can select "Auto Placement" for their news feed ads or choose the "Facebook search results" location in the search manager. Announcements when creating a news feeds campaign. (Positioning search ads is not a stand-alone option: advertisers must post a news feed ad so that the ad is also displayed in the search results.)

Targeting ads in searches is based on the individual targeting options chosen by the advertiser in addition to the relevant search keywords. The keywords are determined by Facebook, not by the advertiser, and take into account a combination of ad features (text, product, category, title and description of the ad).

Why we should be interested

The positioning of the ad on Facebook is a boon. for any advertiser running a sales or product conversion campaign. By opening this ad placement to more advertisers, Facebook gives marketers direct access to users who are actively seeking their product or service on the platform.

As Facebook's inventory of ads becomes more and more saturated, new ad placement options, such as search, give advertisers an edge by allowing them to show their ads in areas of the market. platform that are not yet invaded by competitors' advertising.

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