Digital marketing during the coronavirus

Everything you need to know about marketing your business during the coronavirus
(and why it is more important than ever to CONTINUE your marketing efforts!)

There is so much information that around COVID-19: how to avoid it, good hand washing techniques, social distancing, what to do if you get the virus and more.

But aside from personal concerns, there are additional business concerns for small business owners who are trying to minimize the financial impact on their businesses during this period.

If you are a small business owner, you probably have additional questions like this: [19659006] How will COVID-19 affect my business?

  • How should I market my business during this period?
  • SHOULD I even like to specialize my business during this period?
  • To answer the latter, absolutely yes and here is why:

    At times like these, certain companies tend to withdraw or stop their marketing all together ( like your competitors! ) While the smartest companies use it as an opportunity to move forward.

    So which one are you?

    You have two options as a business owner:

    Option 1: Embrace being a victim, suspend all advertising efforts and prepare for little or no results

    Option # 2: Take your business by the horns and maximize this opportunity to move forward!

    Now you may be thinking, "Yes, of course, I prefer to see results than not, but how should I make? How to market my business via Coronavirus? If you sell toilet paper or a hand sanitizer, you probably don't need to read any further. If not, a valid question!

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways the rest of us can use digital marketing to get ahead and come out on top!

    Marketing Strategies You Can Use Now

    1. Social Media Marketing

     Marketing During Coronavirus

    People are spending more time online than ever. With so many adults working from home, kids taking lessons at home and people in general trying to stay as long as possible during coronavirus, people are on social media right now! With the increase in reach, engagement, and time spent on social platforms, why would a business owner now choose to suspend efforts on social media? Put your brand in front of where your target audience is already parading. How can social media improve your SEO?

    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     Marketing During Coronavirus

    Given the nature of your business, how common is it for consumers to Google the product or service you provide? If so, SEO is a process that can help your website appear in the top rankings on a search results page. For those who already know SEO, you know that it is really a process which can take a long time – unless unless your competitors put their SEO efforts on hold! This is exactly what is happening to many of our customers; their competitors reduce their SEO efforts by panic, which pushes our customers to progress faster in the SEO ranking! Now is the time to maximize your SEO efforts.

    3. Email Marketing

     Marketing During Coronavirus

    As a business owner, are you really done learning more about your audience? Is there a good time to stop building relationships with potential customers? Whether you're B2B or B2C, email marketing can be a great way to connect with your customers. For B2B companies, take the time to feed your existing prospects via email newsletters! For B2C and e-commerce companies, be aware that consumers buy from trusted brands . Building that trust between the brand and the consumer is invaluable to the longevity of your business now and far beyond COVID-19, so why not take the time now to prepare yourself for long-term success? Email marketing is a great way to do this.

    And for that, here are the best tools for email marketing.

    4. Social advertising and Google

     commercialization during the coronavirus

    When business slows down or when uncertainties arise, as is currently the case, business owners generally want to stop all advertising efforts. Why continue to spend money if consumers don't buy as much, right? False! First, it is important to note that not all consumers are tightening their wallets. For those who are ready to spend now and continue living a normal life, you want your business ready and in front of them! For consumers who are not spending as much now, they will do it later as soon as normalcy resumes, and who do you think they will buy from? A company they spent all COVID-19 with learning and getting to know – not companies they haven't seen or heard of. Advertising on social media and Google keeps your brand relevant and in front of your target audience so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you and not from your competitors.

    Tips for executing these marketing efforts during COVID-19

    While many people take precautions against catching Coronavirus, it is important to keep in mind that many people have already caught it or know someone who has caught it. As a brand, it's important to maintain a level of sensitivity to your email. But don't be scared! Showing empathy can actually encourage a consumer to further promote and respect your brand, which gives you an additional advantage over your competition. Let's take a look at some other tips together:

    • Use relevant hashtags.

    As mentioned, increased use of social media occurs during this time. One way to maximize this reach on social media is to use relevant hashtags. This expands your reach while presenting your brand in a credible light, as being up-to-date with the modern consumer. Some good hashtags to get you started can include #StopTheSpread, which refers to stopping the spread of COVID-19. A lighter hashtag is #JOMO which represents the joy of missing. It is a playful replacement for the usual #FOMO which is afraid to miss out; people are using #JOMO as a way to accept the cancellation of plans and stay inside for the time being. Another hashtag we see is #SocialDistancing which encourages people to take a break from socializing in person with others as a way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Now, you may be wondering how your business can easily integrate these hashtags into your content, but don't worry. We cover this then! The hashtag tops in France are:

    # ConfinementJour3

    # COVID2019france


    # COVID19

     marketing during the coronavirus

    • Be aware of how your business s' fit into the big picture.

    Think about what your company offers with regard to the general public and Coronavirus. Is there anything you could do differently? For example, many restaurants (which rely on pedestrian traffic in stores to earn money) close their dining rooms and offer delivery options. This presents their brand in a responsible light to the public while giving them a way to make useful and practical money for their customers. Even if all you can do is let your team work from home and do business like home, get this message out to potential customers! Let them know that you are doing your part to end COVID-19 and that you are always there to help them. Consumers will appreciate your communication and appreciation to the outside world for your industry.

    Benefits of Ongoing Marketing Efforts With COVID-19

    What Can You Expect From Your Marketing Efforts During This Period? We'll take a look.

    1. Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

    Everything you do now that your competitors don't do gives you a head start. Think of it as a race. Even if you run slowly, you still wash everyone who sits on the couch!

    2. Learn more about your target audience

     Target audience

    It is always beneficial to know more about your clientele. What are their pain points? Their buying behavior? What motivates them to buy? The more you understand outside of their demographics, the more strategic you can be in creating content that converts them into customers. Your research can give you the opportunity to create content that meets their specific needs. You can position your product or service as a solution to the specific problems of your audience. Taking this time to learn more about your client base will allow you to be strategic in the language and images you use in your content.

    3. Establishing relationships with potential consumers

    Whether you are a B2B company that needs to nurture prospects or a B2C company that needs to "warm up" potential customers, every business can benefit from guiding potential customers through 'sales funnel. Why let this time go to waste? Use this time wisely to build real relationships with your potential customers and convert them into a paying customer.

    4. Capitalize on Customers Ready to Buy Now

    Many companies are temporarily closing their doors for COVID-19, thereby restricting public options regarding the destination of goods and services. If you're open to business, let us know! Continuing to market your business through Coronavirus can be as simple as letting needy customers know that you are here, that you are open and that you can deliver your product or service as usual.

    5. Prepare for success after COVID-19

     commercialization during coronavirus

    This is probably the most important benefit of all. At some point, the Coronavirus will pass. When the time comes, do you want to start from scratch with your marketing? Or do you want to be ahead of the competition, building on the efforts you've already made in recent months? We know most business owners are concerned with the long term, so don't let the Coronavirus dissuade you from this avant-garde state of mind.

    Now is not the time to stop the efforts of marketing, it's time for you to be even more strategic in their implementation! We take our own advice and our customers too, and so far all we see is more results. Some of our customers even see double the results as usual! If you want to invest in marketing but are nervous or don't know where to start, don't worry! This is exactly why we are here and trained to do it. We can guide you through each step. Contact us today to get started.

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