Brave, the award-winning privacy-focused ad browser, exceeds 10 million active users per month

Brave said he saw an increase in user adoption since the release of browser-based version 1.0 on November 13, 2019. Monthly active users (MAU) doubled in one year to reach 10.4 million at the end of last month

DAU. The daily active users of the browser created by the founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, have tripled in the last year to reach 3.3 million, announced Friday the company .

Source: Brave

Advertising platform that rewards users Brave ads are structured to serve only users who adhere to the Brave Rewards program and agree to see ads . Users can then accumulate Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT), a system based on a chain of blocks. Users receive 70% of ad revenue sharing "as a reward for their attention", and publishers are given tokens in proportion to the amount of time users spend on their sites.

The ads are targeted to the search and navigation database and machine learning patterns to create user interest profiles – these data only live on users' devices.

Brave Content Creators Verified. There are now nearly 340,000 creators on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo and other platforms that have joined the Brave symbolic payment program by Brave users. There were only 28,000 creators checked in early 2019.

Why we should care. To be certain, Brave's market share does not even fit into the competition of Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc., but its growth trajectory indicates that there is a market for them. services that address privacy concerns such as consumer awareness and increased regulatory measures and . The search engine focused on confidentiality DuckDuckGo also reported an increase in queries activity this year. Text ads on the platform are syndicated by Microsoft Advertising.

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