Advertising online and increase the sales for $27

We offer Making a wonderful Facebook profile , Facebook page , Twitter account, Instgram account and any other wanted social media websites.

Also we can create free blogs for advertising but that work in another program

provied us with informations about the work and the products
and we will determind the right customer to make advertisment process also we will design marketing picturs , inspiral marketing sayings and wonderful looking site .

we offer creating 3 accounts on social media that you choose to advertise at … and any extra account will have an extra 7 $ cost

after we creat emails and accounts
we delever you the accounts and the passwords .

if folow up and customer support at these accounts is needed , that has an extra weekly cost (10$ per week ) .

online marketing for the pages by sharing offers and products strong sale points have an extra cost
( 0.01 per like increase )

the maining offer is to design a winderful marketing accounts to manage and increase your sales

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