According to survey, meta descriptions and brand have the most influence on search clicks Meta descriptions, followed by brand name and page title, have the greatest influence on whether users click on a search result, according to a study by Ignite Visibility. Two-thirds of survey respondents also said that more ads would encourage them to use less Google, and the majority agreed that Google improves its search results by including featured snippets and other SERP features . The survey interviewed more than 500 participants aged 25–60. Source: Ignite Visibility. The greatest influence on clicks. When asked which factor had the most influence on their decision to click on a result, 62.9% of respondents replied that it was the description, 24.2 % of the brand and 13% of the title. However, as a somewhat contradictory finding, 55.1% of participants said they only clicked on a brand they knew in the search results.

Users said that the search results had improved. The majority (58.5%) of participants said they preferred the current state (December 2019, when the survey was conducted) of Google search results over what they were in January 2019. A similar proportion (55.5%) also said that the inclusion of code snippets and other SERP features improve Google's search results.

Will more ads distract users? Two-thirds (66.7%) of participants said that Google would insert more ads into search results to make them want to use less Google. This finding seems to contradict the findings of a study published in December 2018 in which 75% of respondents said that the advertisements made it easier to find the information they were looking for . Nearly 67% of Ignite Visibility's survey participants disagreed that companies could run ads based on other brand's research searches companies. This finding fits well with the other study finding that the majority of users only click on the results of the brands they know. Why We Care About It. According to the survey, brand recognition is the second biggest influence on clicks, and it is a determining factor for some users. Strengthening brand awareness should complement your SEO efforts, and vice versa, to gain and capitalize on organic visibility. The survey also underscored the importance of writing convincing descriptions. Site owners and SEOs should make sure that their descriptions match the search intent, as Google will not use your description if it thinks a more precise one can be retrieved. directly from the content of your page.

If consumers prefer the modern search results page and its many features, brands will have to adapt. One way to regain visibility is to design content with rich results in mind .

Users may object to higher paying lists in search results, but Google's ecosystem is a pull factor and even adding more advertisements may not be sufficient push factor for users to change their behavior.

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