3,000 Highly Targeted Email Leads In ANY NICHE YOU WANT!!! for $20

(((WARNING))) This offer is only going to be available for a limited time.

As these are REAL Emails address all verified, valid, and active it does take my some time to collect them and that’s why i have said this is a limited time offer depending on how many Email leads i need to get for you. I gather lists on the sole purpose of selling them on so i DON’T promote to these people i justy store and college there emails and give them to you to help with your growing Business

I have huge email lists for many different Niches such as.

Affiliate Marketing
Shopify/ecommercePetsFitnessHealthSurvivalDropshippingAnd many more, i have all the emails for these leads saved in a PDF file and continue to grow my list daily with new clients all the time. I will give you 3000 also more if you want but please give me time as i have to get the leads myself first.


SexpoliticalGamblingReligionLoansIf you have a Niche that’s not listed please message me to see if i have them because i do have a WIDE RANGE of Niches

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