[2019 patents that you need to know about in 2019

Bill Slawski, Director of SEO Research for Go Fish Digital, has published his list of the top 10 search engine patents to know for 2019 . The patent list touches on various search areas, including Google News, local search knowledge graphics and more, and gives us an overview of the technology that Google uses or may someday use to generate search results. . Knowledge-based patents. Most of the list relates to what Slawski classifies as knowledge-based patents.

An interesting example is a patent on user-specific knowledge graphics to support queries and predictions. Last year, Google said that "there was very little search personalization" in the ranking of search results. Although the original patent was filed in 2013, a recent Google white paper on personal knowledge graphics touches on many of the same points. Local research-based patents. Google's patent on the use of quality visit scores when traveling in person to local businesses to influence the ranking of local searches was filed in 2015 but granted in July 2019. [TheuseofthesequalityvisitscoreswasmentionedinoneoftheGooglesupportpagesforadsandanalyticsandhementionedthatthecompanycanassigndigitalandphysicalbadgestothemostvisitedbusinessesdesignatingthemas local favorites said Slawski. Research-based patents. Slawski also highlighted Google's patent of automatic query model generation which evaluates query models in order to extract more information about the information 39 Intention to research beyond the fact that it is informative, navigational or transactional in nature.

"That Google combines the use of query log information with knowledge graph information to know what people might be looking for and anticipating such questions," wrote Slawski in his article, "shows us how they can combine information like they do with augmentation queries, and answer questions using knowledge graphs. "

Why we care. Sure, it's not because a company has a patent that it is now, or will never be implemented. But keep an eye on patents Google can offer an interesting perspective on the direction of search and the way it views search evolution.

For the full list of search engine patents to know from 2019, go to the original post by Slawski on SEO by the Sea .

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